The best possible solar system tailored to your individual needs, at a very competitive price.

Why Solar

With electricity prices set to increase in Queensland there has never been a better time to invest in solar power. The last year alone has seen a 20% increase in electricity costs and experts predict the trend to continue. Therefore the need for sustainable energy is more important than ever before, and with great government rebates available, it’s the perfect time to invest in solar power.


Why Choose RiverCity

Design Qualified

Our qualified design personnel asses every home or business personally to make sure that solar power is firstly suitable for sustained power generation, and secondly to accurately measure and quote the available roof space. Rivercity Solar does not use “google earth” to scale roof dimensions.

Honest Evaluations

If in the case that your home is deemed not typically suitable for consistent power generation, due to factors including but not limited to shading or roof orientation, rest assured our design experts will provide a true and honest evaluation.

Real Advice

Part of Rivercity’s commitment in ensuring maximum efficiency through our solar systems is also our desire to help lower your household energy consumption. Our friendly staff will guide you through some important energy saving tips, that are pivotal for ensuring optimum system performance.

Conergy Distributor

We are proud to be associated as a Conergy Partner and pride ourselves on being able to supply what are largely considered to be the best panels on the market. The Conergy panels offer a 25 year output warranty and have been tried and tested to Australian standards and conditions. They are also based right here in Queensland!

Better Quotes

Every quote includes an easy to read breakdown of expected power generation and savings, and a user friendly graph that includes both power output and profit and loss, to ascertain when each system is expected to break even.

Rivercity Solar also takes care of all the associated paperwork to make sure the process is as hassle free and enjoyable as possible.

Our Work – Gallery

Here is a of our previous installations, click the thumbnails to view full size.

How it Works – Solar Made Easy

The System Itself

The power generated from a solar system is transferred to an Inverter, which changes the state of the electricity to create a stable 240 volts at 50 hertz. In other words it converts the solar power down to the same characteristics of normal power supply from the electricity grid.

Feeding the Grid

Contrary to popular belief the most cost effective way to take advantage of your solar system is actually by putting the power you create back onto the supply grid through your feed-in Tariff. The rates for feed in Tariffs vary from 44c to 68c and RCSE will advise as to the best power provider at the time. Currently the price of electricity per Kw/hr is around 20c, up from 17c at the start of the year. Hence the reason you’re better off selling the power back on to the grid, as you are then paid more than double for the amount you produce!

Saving Even More

Any power you consume during the day will be drawn directly from your solar system and not from the grid, unless the household energy demand is greater than the amount the solar system is producing at that time. This could be as a result of shading caused by a cloud or the particular time of day. Therefore, saving more is as easy as turning off unused lights, operating your washing at night and turning off stand-by power during the day. The excess power generated from the solar system, will be transferred back to the grid via the feed-in tariff.